Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Fencing, and got some things done for a change. . .

advance, lunge with parry five. riposte. recover retreat retreat parry three. riposte. counter-riposte. point-in-line disengage. parry four. advance advance advance false prepare retreat. attack in prep. touch.
I have been paying attention to the memories of my body recently, the way the muscle memory retains itself even after a full five years almost of not donning a fencing mask. The above is what my body wants to do. Right now. It is a total body memory, but it is not something remembered, but something felt. My body feels that right now, that is the correct action to take.

My muscles twitch and pull at my mind. I shouldn't be sitting at my desk: I should be standing with my right side forward, my hand holding the sabre, protected by the guard on my three and twitching the tip of the blade in a circle should four or five be threatened.

I'm looking for the attack parry riposte counter-parry counter-riposte action. My body wants that more than anything right now.

Over the weekend I managed to complete a few things, particularly these:
  • I have blanks with which to make a set of runes specifically for the Grove.
  • I have made the blanks romandruid requested for her divination set (bring 'em by on Saturday?)
  • My kitchen floor is less cluttered, as is my kitchen counter.
  • I went to the zoo on Saturday night.
  • I watched movies with creaturetamer and tesinth for most of Sunday on the 100 inch projection screen currently in my basement.
  • I cleaned the mouse cages and took care of Tina's menagerie.
I'm interested in seeing the movie Redhead, which is currently playing at Studio 35 all week. It's playing at 11 PM, though, which is feckin' late for me.

It's odd that I managed to finish anything this weekend; I so rarely do.

I'm expecting some mail in the near future, which will then allow me to set a date for me to start working on something new. Part of me is afraid of new things: I always have been, on many levels. But a deeper part of me has always managed to push through that fear, to not be cowed by those who want to shove me back down to where I was.

At work, the guy four levels above me is leaving, which means potential reorganization where I work. I don't know what that means, except that I'm hoping my distance is far enough that should restructuring take place, I'm not structured right out of a job.

I'm pretty sure I need another vacation. Fortunately, one comes up very soon: barely two weeks.
Tags: cats, clergy, divination, fencing, freedom, friends, hotties, house, hudson, movies, pets, reflections, runes, three cranes grove, work

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