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Book shopping for myself and the Grove

Last night, I went to Borders, since the Grove liturgy meeting got canceled.

There, I picked up three things:
  1. The Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Stories by H.P. Lovecraft
  2. A Moleskine notebook for a project I'm working on
  3. A blank book to replace (if necessary) our current Grove sign-in books.
The first book, of course, is self-explanitory. The entry I wrote yesterday, along with the amazingly fruitful (and still on-going) discussion in the comments with ferrelux should sum up most everything I have to say about that book.

The second book I picked up because I realized that I really don't journal enough. Part of that is because I never have paper when I want to. What I would like to start doing is taking quick notes that read something like this:
12/15/06; AM
religious: 3
magical: 5
chaos magical: 7
Druidic: 4
Discordian: 2
I want to indicate how I feel, on a scale of 1-10, about my worldview: when is religion, magic, chaos, and any other factor at its highest? Can I chart it over time? Does the cycle vary by time of month, phase of moon, or day of week? If I can grab these vital stats, I think I can get an interesting outlook on things.

The third book stems from the idea that we might have lost our sign-in books for the Grove. Which is mostly okay: they'll turn up, I'm sure, eventually. I'm working on the theory that someone accidentally took them home at the last rite and will bring them back. But rather than see this as a net loss, I want to look at it as a net gain: we can do things we have never done in the past, things that we really ought to be doing. I sent this email to my scribe the other day:
If we are still missing the sign-in books on Saturday, I think I'd like to pick up a new one.

I have just realized that we can turn the loss into an opportunity for growth:

The book should be a sign-in book for each rite, as it has been.

But after each rite, we should pass the book to a) the person who took the omen and have them write out the omen, b) the person who led the rite to write out how they think it went, and c) the SD (or another member if the SD led the rite) to give their impressions.

I think we could get a lot more out of the rites if we did that, plus we'd find ourselves with a solid history.

Presuming, of course, that we didn't lose the damn books again. :)
As I was thinking more about this, some things dawned on me: we can generally model it after the Book of Ceaderlight and the Book of Sassafras.

There is a lot going on in my mind now about this, but again, we can turn loss into real gain for the Grove. I'll show the Grove the book I bought on Sunday at the Yule rite. It really is nice and well-bound. Plus, if we ever need to scan it in, it'll lay flat enough to do that.
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