Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Reading through the DP

According to my spam this morning, no one can tell that I'm bananas.

But that's not important. What is important is this:

Last night a number of people posted ADF Dedicant Program-related entries: journal entries, book reviews, a DP Oath, lots of Virtues, and some meditation work.

I would just like to say one thing: You, the Dedicants of ADF, make me proud. Very proud.

What gets to me most is the depth that our newest students can plumb with their essays and oaths. I know that my DP work is, well, rather juvenile and even petulant in some places. Okay, in most places. It is not good example work.

Every time I read the work posted to dedicants, adf, or to the various personal journals that populate LJ and a few other sites, I am amazed at the entries.

I no longer read a lot of final DP submissions. To some extent, it's a time thing. To a greater extent, though, it's that I've gotten so darn close to a lot of DP's that I simply can't review them objectively. I read at least one DP-related post per day, probably averaging closer to five, and I try and comment on all of them.

Sometimes, It's really hard to offer a suggestion about how to improve the essay: a lot of times, there's no improvement needed. I feel a bit sheepish just posting, "Good essay," but sometimes, the essay is at least as good as I could have written it, and usually it's better. I'm not joking when I talk about how much I learn from the Dedicants of ADF: every one of them teaches me something new (some teach me lots of new things).

I was recently having a discussion with another ADF member about where ADF has been and where it's going in the future. In that discussion, I noted that I feel ADF is very much on the right track: our focus on spirituality is deepening and the focus on administrative stuff is lessening. Over the past year, in particular, I have seen the spiritual focus of ADF flourish, and it excites me to watch that, to be a part of that.

Sometimes I wonder if folks get bored or annoyed with my posts about how much I really enjoy DP-realted stuff, or even ADF in general. Then I remember that I prefer to use my journal to share my joys, and that this is one of the main ones in my life.

[about the picture with this entry: I wanted a pic to go along with this entry, and this is the first picture that shows up on a Google Image Search for "Dedicant Program". In the picutre, druidkirk and Gannd, two of our Clergy, are disposing of SSG's offerings in a lake. Click on it to enlarge. And giggle.]
Tags: adf, amusement,, dedicant path, friends, lj, meditation, mentoring, pictures, reflections, three cranes grove

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