Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A case of nostalgia

So this customer has the last name "Case". I've been processing the same 100W since 2 PM yesterday (it's a bit complicated), and I've worked on this "Case" person several times: written the name, looked up the name, read the name, checked information about the name. . . All stuff I have to do in order to properly process the payment.

But for some reason, it's distracting. I can't get a girl out of my mind, one I knew a long time ago (almost a decade now). This customer, "Case," is why I can't forget her today, and why I am having trouble processing the tickets associated with the name, and why I'm writing this entry now (so that hopefully, I can get moving again on the actual work).

I met the girl at a fencing meet at Notre Dame my freshman year. She was from Case Western Reserve University (you see now the connection), and she was just an amazing girl.

I try and keep in touch with her, but it's hard for me. She's in Denver now, or was last I heard. I have a couple of letters from her and occasionally wonder if she has a couple of letters from me.

I kinda miss talking to her.

I wonder if my most recent address for her is still any good?
Tags: fencing, friends, hotties, school, work

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