Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

The Natural Wet-Willy

Nature gave me a damn wet-willy last night.

Walking out to PSA through the cold, I was just thinking how nice global warming has been and how much global cooling sucks, when a really big snowflake landed in my ear and started melting.

"Damnit," I shouted into the cold night air, "Can't those ice-caps melt any faster?"

I figure that if she's gonna be a bitch to me, I ought to be one right back.

I'm exceedingly busy right now, between work, class, and lots of other responsibilities. And I'm expecting that it's just going to get harder as time goes on, at least for this quarter. Some of you may not see me socially until late March at this point, and LJ is falling further down the list of priorities.

So if you need me, call or email. I respond much better to those two things.
Tags: lj, nature, school, work

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