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Buffett, Babes, Bikinis. . . You know, the usual

As I was looking for something online the other day (I believe I was seeking the proper title of the song I was listening to during yesterday's post, not that it was short enough for me to fit in the "music" box, anyway), I came across a good article about what it is about Buffett that I really like.

Today, I found some info about Jimmy Buffett's tour schedule (looking sparse at the moment), and noticed two things:
  1. Buffett has a new beer available: LandShark Lager
  2. Buffett has teamed up with SI again, which means I'm buying a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition again this year.
First, the Lager.

I find it amusing that the description reads like this: "Brand new from Margaritaville - LandShark Lager! LandShark Lager is a refreshing, drinkable island lager brewed with a complex blend of hops giving the beer a distinctive hop note taste."

I'm particularly focusing on the fact that it is described as "drinkable". I admit, I would hope for as much from my beer. You can, if you feel the need, check out the site at

Now, the SI Swimsuit Issue has never been my cup o' meat. I mean, sure, it's nice to see scantily clad ladies running around with a guitar. Who doesn't want to see that? Sure, you can count their ribs, but that's sexy, right? Right?

Despite that, I have a bad habit of reading "men's magazines" for one of two things: the articles or the gimicks. Sure, laugh if you want, but since Maxim pulled a number of their Cosmo-esque articles, I haven't bought a single issue, and some of the girls have gotten a lot hotter. But then, that's my normal nature: women just aren't enough to sell me on anything, contrary to popular belief. There has to be a lot more, like a yellow stripe on the corner of the cover that says, "Free yellow corner stripe with purchase!"

Yes, I once bought a Maxim solely because of that particular marketing gimick.

The only Playboy I ever purchased was bought because I had a dream (A DREAM I TELL YOU!) of buying beer and porn on my BuckID card (the university ID card, which acts as a debit card). I never did manage the beer portion of that, btw.

But it was Buffett, that hero in a Hawaiian shirt, who got me to buy my first SI Swimsuit Edition. Two years ago, it came with a short video and the title song from his new album, License to Chill. I wanted the single (I didn't know it was actually part of an album to be released later), and the chance for a video is always amusing and fun to me. On top of that, there was also an article by Buffett in the issue, and I love his matter-of-fact writing style and his storytelling. It's good stuff.

So now that there's something aside from girls in bikinis, I'm all about going to pick up this issue.

And I reiterate: you all have permission to laugh at my "articles" assertion.
Tags: amusement, articles, buffett, hotties, maxim, porn

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