Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A quick Greek recap

My trip, I find, is best summed up by Lovecraft. I'm not sure that I can express why Lovecraft's words rang so true, but they did.
"Three times Randolph Carter dreamed of the marvelous city, and three times was he snatched away while still he paused on the high terrace above it."
But this is just a fast entry, written at lunch, about the highpoints of my vacation in Greece.

Maybe I'll get around to explaining them all. But probably not.
  1. Saw zylch kidnapped by monks
  2. Peed on a sacred mountain
  3. Slept with zylch
  4. Helped write a song called "Pina Coladas and a Crucifix"
  5. Stood on the wall at Thermopylae
  6. Saw a ghost
  7. Finally understood infantry tactics in Greece
  8. Saw (but did not enter) the monestary of St. Barbara at Meteora
  9. Descended into the Underworld to visit the W.C.
  10. Offered to Hephestos on his very doorstep
  11. Learned that sparklie silver thongs should not be worn under see0through black tights
  12. Punted a hedgehog
  13. Was raised on the cool-o-meter
  14. Saw a tanker truck carrying something called "The Liquid Food Experience"
  15. Meditated beneath the Temple of Apollo Pythios
  16. Had a snowball fight on Mount Olympus
  17. Broke glass in a BP station in Athens
  18. Joined the illustrious Club of the Stinkweed
  19. Levitated in my sleep
  20. Saw a Centaur Crossing sign
  21. Saw a yeti!
  22. Watched the sun go down at Sunyo, at the foot of the Temple of Poseidon
  23. Got lost on Olympus
Tags: greece

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