Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Some days, I'm more Jewish than others, it seems. . .

So, apparently I'm now Jewish, and this is a bad thing?

(special thanks to sleepingwolf, who was astonished to stumble across this reference to me and my OL "editorship")

Somehow, someone on the "Vanguard News Network Forum" revealed me as part of the "Jewish problem". On one level it's disturbing to think that someone has my name and thinks I'm part of some imaginary problem or conspiracy, but this is balanced by a very heavy amusement at the fact that while I'm part of the problem, the guy is leaving it to everyone else to guess my "ethnic origin", because he obviously can't think of any other people in ADF who *might* be Jewish, but needs one more to prove his point.

I dropped the quote behind the cut, as well as the link, because I don't want to cause anyone's work to wonder why they're looking at white supremacy websites, but I quoted it in full, because damn: it's not every day that you get lumped in with a bunch of people who are actually pretty darn cool and even chosen by God. I mean, the guy practically blessed me (in a weird way) by insinuating that I'm Jewish.

For the record, I'm not the editor of Oak Leaves, either.

For the most part, this kind of stuff is weirdly frightening and amusing to me. It's frightening for all the obvious reasons, and the frightening aspects of it should not and cannot be understated. But the reason that I find it amusing is because, you know, people actually believe this stuff. That alone is just so improbable to me, so deeply and abysmally idiotic, that I cannot help but think, "Gee, it's like their whole life is one huge, insane joke that doesn't end!"

Either way, I'd rather be kinda Jewish than all stupid.

I think I'll have gefilte fish for dinner.

From:, under a post from a guy called "Uncle John" (talk about creepy). . .

"The so-called Pagan Movement has lots of dabblers but few dedicated believers. Furthermore, it is riddled with jews. Margot Adler, a Gardinerian 'witch' who wrote the seminal directory of American pagan organizations, Drawing Down the Moon, is a jew (she also has a fat job at NPR).

"Garman Lord", the head of the "Theodish Rice" (Anglo-Saxon Wodenism) is (was) a jew. (I think he's dead).

The founding 'archdruid' of the largest American druid organization, Ar nDraiocht Fein (no irish fonts, sorry) is the jew Isaac Bonewits. The current editor of the ADF journal, "Oak Leaves" is named Michael J. Dangler. I leave it to you to guess his ethnic origin. There was even a jew who was briefly in the inner circle of the Asatru Alliance (head of the Raven Kindred of New Jersey).

Pagan organizations are usually little more than a website. Here is a typical example: www. . I picked this one because it is particularly visual and well done. The fellow who runs this outfit -- the 'alderman' -- has councils and issues 'abannings' and has a seal which he can stamp on stuff and...everything! Certainly it's a lot more fun than (I'm guessin') being an Assistant Network Administrator in Norfork, Va. Lots of computer people are attracted to neo-paganism.

I was involved in all this for years. 'Wicca' is the worst, with the weediest men and the heaviest, most feminist, women, but most of it is pretty bad. Folkish Asatru/Odinism/Irminism is by far the best and cleanest branch of the movement.

If it hadn't been for Steve McNallan and the Asatru Folk Assembly, for example, "Kenniwick Man" would have been quietly handed over to the Indians by the DOI and the BLM. They did their best to destroy the evidence anyway, and were only stopped when the issue came to the attention of serious anthropologists by way of McNallan's lawsuits.
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