Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Gettin' folks hitched is trixy business

I was recently asked by mitakola to marry her and her fiancé (er, to each other, not for me to be their "third"). I'm more than happy to do it, and so I said "Yes" immediately and have spent the last couple days thinking the whole thing through.

While she's been working on setting a date based on my availability and her own, I've set out trying to figure out what on earth is a fair price for this. Most definitely, whatever we settle on will be an agreement that's perfectly acceptable to both myself and them. But, I figured I'd do some research to see how much most ministers of other faiths may charge for their services. Heck, it's not like I've ever done this before.

I admit, I'm a tad astounded.

Some clergy are very active. "$350 buys you a freakin' wedding planner who will also legally marry you for no additional charge" was the basic message of the first site I looked up. Others are so uninvolved it's amazing. "$400 (plus mileage and other incidentals), I arrive 20 minutes before the service, depart 30 minutes after the service, I don't do rehersals or receptions, and there's a charge for a timely filing" was the basic message of another clergyperson.

I can see how folk make those clergy credentials pay off!

So, because I have at my disposal a very large and amazing resource of folk who have been married, who have married others, and who have more opinions than any other group of people I've met, I want to ask you all: what's a "fair" price (however you define it) for a minister to charge for a wedding? Relevant info is welcome, like what you expect for that price, what you wish your minister/clergy/priest/ULC-ordained-by-mail-person had done for you that they didn't, and what they did do that you wish they hadn't.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing some interesting tales. . .

Below the cut, 6 quotes or ranges for how much you should expect to pay for your clergypersonCollapse )
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