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Accusations at the long-haired-greasy-looking-ape . . .

I got a letter from a hottie recently.

I love how shallow I sound sometimes.

Anyway, it's a real, hand-written letter from a girl I know. I have to respond in kind. I am, of course, thinking that I should send a package as well. I've been having fun sending those.

I just recently sent a set of notes to Skip; I'm preparing to send the EoR to Cei (and I'm looking furiously for it), and probably to get some articles for him; and I'm going back and forth over whether to send healing_coyote a package with a birthday present inside, or whether to wait until she gets here. . . Don't know.

That's all beside the point. I need to write her back, because there are just some things that are important.

I also finished an entire journal today. I finally hit the last page of it. That means it's time to upload the thing to my website, I think.

This one is interesting, but not always useful. It's occasionally embarassing, but what isn't in this life? I have another set of journals to get online first, though.

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