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Accusations at the long-haired-greasy-looking-ape . . . - Chronarchy — LiveJournal

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October 20th, 2003

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01:16 pm - Accusations at the long-haired-greasy-looking-ape . . .
I got a letter from a hottie recently.

I love how shallow I sound sometimes.

Anyway, it's a real, hand-written letter from a girl I know. I have to respond in kind. I am, of course, thinking that I should send a package as well. I've been having fun sending those.

I just recently sent a set of notes to Skip; I'm preparing to send the EoR to Cei (and I'm looking furiously for it), and probably to get some articles for him; and I'm going back and forth over whether to send healing_coyote a package with a birthday present inside, or whether to wait until she gets here. . . Don't know.

That's all beside the point. I need to write her back, because there are just some things that are important.

I also finished an entire journal today. I finally hit the last page of it. That means it's time to upload the thing to my website, I think.

This one is interesting, but not always useful. It's occasionally embarassing, but what isn't in this life? I have another set of journals to get online first, though.
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: "One Particular Harbor", -JB

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Date:October 20th, 2003 05:58 pm (UTC)

No comment on the hottie . . .

I have to say I am deciding whether I admire your honesty and openess or think you are crazy with posting your journals online . . . Not something I could ever do. But I will definitely be reading them. How could I miss an opportunity to get some insight on the Mike that existed before PSA and it will certainly be interesting to see what you wrote about PSA in its early days . . .
[User Picture]
Date:October 20th, 2003 06:10 pm (UTC)
I did a quick search, but it doesn't look like I've written much about PSA. . . I wonder why that is. . .

After all, it isn't like it wasn't a major part of my life.

However, I know you'll recognize some people in it.

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