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May 21st, 2007

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08:36 am - Panhandling for rent, and how my website is less efficient than flat-out asking
Last Tuesday, Maggie and I were having a discussion about panhandling, particularly that I'd done it in the past when short of cash for rent, and I had successfully made rent that month by shaking a cup on High Street.

She indicated that I really shouldn't panhandle (I think she thinks it's dangerous or something), but I pointed out that not only did it work, but it actually got me more cash than I needed.

Then I indicated the sad truth: Panhandling on High Street for an hour and a half had earned me more cash than the PayPal donation jar on my website has brought in in the past year. (For the record, the total as of last Tuesday was "$0.00").

The donation button, of course, is right on the front page of my site, but due to not wanting to appear like a complete whore (I'm fine with being a partial whore), I haven't put it on every page. In fact, it only appears on a couple of pages total.

Recently, though, I received a donation through it, and I was informed that this donation was for "Gas money + food money you punk ass bitch". And I am now forced to say that my website's tip jar has suddenly become more lucrative than panhandling.

On the other hand, the panhandling was demonstrably more efficient, seeing as I earned $25 in two hours on High Street and the PayPal account has been up for over a year.

It is amazing how your options open up when you're particularly low on cash, what you're willing to do to keep your head above water.
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Date:May 21st, 2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
This is entirely possible (both that I undervalue and that I'm a niche. . . I kinda like the idea of being a niche, actually). But there is ever a tension in my mind: "Who would pay to read this?" versus "You know, I'm putting in a lot of time and effort on this."

For the most part, I don't believe that my work is honestly of a quality to have it available for pay. We'll see, though: some of it has been, like the Wheel of the Year document: even though it's available for free, at least 38 people have thought that was worth purchasing. Of course, even that I have mostly sold at cost (or a few cents above cost to give it a pretty, round pricing).

And we'll see what happens when my book is finished. Those at Wellspring will get to see a good chunk of the meat of said book (I expect it to run about 150 pages at this point, all told) in my presentation.

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