Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Wellspring, and putting some mileage on this priest

On returning from Wellspring, my car now has 1,999 miles that are purely clergy-related in the first 5 months of 2007, which is 40% of my total mileage. On May 31, presuming I don't have another call before then, out of 151 days, I will have traveled for clergy work at least 17 of them (11%).

I do my best to write down most clergy-related traveling. I certainly get anything that is 100% clergy-related, though I don't always write down piddly stuff like when I'm out at the store and I get a call from someone and stop by on the way home. IRS rules are just too complicated, for the most part, for me to do the "this trip was 27.4% clergy-related" kind of thing.

In all, this job certainly keeps me on my toes. . .

And yes, Wellspring rocked. Probably the best Wellspring I've ever been to, and I was very, very happy there.
Tags: adf, clergy, festivals

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