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"Any old place here on earth or in space, you pick the century and I'll pick the spot"

Heh. Entry 4 today, huh? You might almost think I'm not busy. . .

The Illuminatus! Trilogy has been everywhere recently. There are loads of copies at Half Price Books. There was one at an airport. There's one in the OSU bookstore. There is, of course, one on my shelf.

I think it's time to read it again. I think I'll read it with a pad of paper next to me this time. I wrote in the margins last time, but I want to be able to draw, and to plot out the entire Black Mass to such a point as I can re-enact it and see if I get the same results.

Gods, "Mile High in Denver" and "Turnabout" on the same CD. I miss that girl.

Pagan Pride Day went well. We had 5 protesters, but they were quiet. The choice quote was from the lone female protester, who said, "If you're going to lie on your back, you'd better be ready for that baby!"

The implications of this are endless: If you sleep on your back, do you get pregnant? What happens if you prefer doggy-style, or reverse cowgirl? Can a guy get pregnant from lying on his back? Or is that just an abomination before God for the woman to be on top?

One ticket to Hell, please. . .

I have mixed feelings about the press being at PPD. It'd be cool to have my picture up on the front page of the Dispatch (which seems likely, given the number of pictures they took of me), but I really wonder if it would affect the work I do with the Boy Scouts in this district.

We can only wait to see, I suppose.

"The holy roller preacher told the eager congregation
That the devil has passed right through their nest
But the teenage girls with their locks in curls were
A talkin' 'bout that hair upon his chest!"

I belive I'm presenting at PSA tomorrow? Sounds right.

I need to get my materials to Priscilla.

I've decided that I don't write enough things for my website. I need to remedy that.

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