Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A letter to my local TV station

After reading the story "Bears Make Themselves at Home", I wonder why NBC4 has chosen to run what amounts to an ad for someone seeking to put out a hit on a black bear. The last two paragraphs in particular are just what this article is:


While she can't shoot the bear legally, Wilkins said she wouldn't be opposed to someone else taking care of the situation.

"I would not shoot it because I don't want to go to jail," she said. "But if someone else wants to shoot it, I would not care."



According to the Division of Wildlife, there are between 50 and 100 bears in Ohio year round. They are listed as an endangered species in this state, and your willingness to run the above statements indicates that your organization is perfectly at peace with the idea of advertising that there is a bear who is "fair game" to be shot.

Ms. Wilkins' ignorance and disrespect for nature is only surpassed by your willingness to advertise such a reprehensible act for her. I'm honestly shocked that any news organization would run a story like that. Integrity isn't just about reporting what goes on, what people say, and what events occur; there is a strong aspect of social integrity that this particular article shows is lacking in your organization.
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