Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Wondering Why We Ever Go Home: Greece, 2007

Journal Entry 9

11:4 AM
Above the Temple of Hera Akiaia

In the shadow of the cliffs where Medea killed Jason's children, I sit in a sheltered cave, the Bay of Corinth sounds below me, with winds rushing across the rock face, hearing haunting moans. The waves break on the shore down the cliff face, near the Temple of Hera.

Delphi is apparently directly across from us, but the day's haze has made it hard to see. This cave I'm in is away from the sun and the wind, but is plesantly fresh from the sea air and the noise of the waves.

Quiet, relaxing, and full of amazing things. . . I could sit for a long time here, watching the sun dance over the waves, listening to the sea and the winds.

But there are temples to see.

The cave above Perachora | View down to the water

a seaside mazisexton | The Temple of Hera, the water
Tags: deities, friends, ghosts, greece, hotties, myth, pictures, reflections

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