Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Aliens in the Nave? How dare they?

Some days, it doesn't pay to be clergy. Particularly when the aliens are invading.

So, apparently, the Anglican church is a bit PO'd about the fact that Sony has produced a game where you have to splatter the walls of Manchester cathedral with alien blood in order to pruge the world of the alien scum.

See the video and read the story in the Times here

Apparently, the game "could not be more at odds with the message of Christian peace and charity." This statement confuses me some, as something tells me that if aliens were in a church of any denomination and trying to eat us, we would not offer them tea and crumpets.

But then, I am not British.

It really seems that the sticking point is that no one asked the clergy at Manchester whether or not Sony could use the nave for a gunfight. To quote the sub-dean, "It is jolly rude of them not to have checked."

One might almost think that it would have been okay, had Sony said, "Pardon me, but we were having a spot of tea and were wondering: would it be okay if we used your cathedral as a space to splatter aliens?"

In other news, the Anglicans have "Right Reverends" and "Very Reverends", but no "Left Reverends" or "Sort-Of Reverends."

Special thanks to Dave at CartoonChurch.Com who both brought the story to my attention, and provided a snappy comic to help explain it.
Tags: amusement, clergy, comics, quotes, videos

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