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Orange and things that rhyme

So I'm walking back from the Union after depositing my paycheck, and I look down at my feet.

My boots are orange.

It's an odd occurance. Of course, I should have expected it: my white shoes came out orange after I walked across the Oval two days ago.

I suppose it's some form of fertilizer. Great, so now my boots will set off alarms if I try to fly somewhere. Damn terrorists, making it hard for us to travel.

There's this little tiff going on at WitchVox today. Apparently, there's this argument going on about whether a place called "Witches Voice" stole thier name. I'm getting the feeling that the "opression complex" that Pagans have is re-surfacing in this little argument.

I really think Pagans need to grow up and realise that we're fine. We aren't being oppressed. At least in the US, we have freedom of religion (sorta), which is more than anyone else can say. There are more important causes.

Christianity is possibly more oppressed than Paganism.

I spent last night trying to find a good kenning for "blood" in the Eddas. The only ones I found were things like "corpse-dew", "corpse-rain", "point of waves", and "sea of the body". I think there should probably be more of those for blood. I'm surprised Snorri didn't have a list dedicated to blood. If anyone knows more, I'm really interested in them!


Well, now that I might have stirred something up, time to shut up.

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