Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Perhaps my dullest update ever

After encountering the weirdest error ever on my computer, commonly referred to as a "stop error" (which is not all that uncommon, really. . . but it caused a restart with no warning and no chance to halt, save, or terminate an offending program, whichever one it was, which is surprisingly not something I have seen happen so severely before), I slipped out of the office and went home.

There, I set about doing more cleaning in the house until 11, when I decided to watch an episode of As Time Goes By, a rather amusing and quaint show that I very much enjoy for a variety of reasons, most of which are rather incomprehensible outside of my own mind. If the DVD set wasn't $132.99 (on sale), I'd be buying it.

After that, I spent the evening working on the ADF Clergy Training Program, trying to get these two courses, Divination 2 and Trance 1 out of the way. Once those are finished, I can get back into helping to create further courses. I will be spending my next few lunches working on these courses, I think. If I manage two per night (like I did last night), I think I can finish it in about two weeks. Minus the 5-month journaling requirement for three courses, of course.

The aim, I suppose, is to be through the Inititate Program by early next year. Right now, I feel like I'm on a relaxing, easy pace, like it will get done in plenty of time and well before I wanted to actually be done. It does not hurt that I realized I was already journaling on something I was supposed to be doing, anyway.

I cannot describe how relaxed I feel since Tuesday. It was a much-needed vacation.
Tags: adf,, clergy, divination, freedom, friends, hotties, ip, reflections, work

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