Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Tracking numbers and locating stuff you're waiting on

It is true that when you get a tracking number for something, you must check it constantly to see where it is right now and at this particular moment in time. Today, I'm tracking a package that, I hope, will contain a chunk of cool stuff I need for the Three Cranes Druid Moon Rite.

As of 4:57 AM on Saturday, the package was in Maumee, Ohio. Not bad, considering it's being shipped via UPS Ground and apparently departed California at 1:56 AM the same day. That's most impressive because of the time change.

The worst thing about this is waiting, mostly because I had a dream last night where approximately 2/3 of the items I ordered arrived broken and completely unusable. I'm getting really worked up about this rite, and the "secret" nature of it all has me bouncing off the walls with worry.

I think I've said it before, but I have realized just how much I depend on my Grove for feedback through this process. I'm so much enjoying the creation of this ritual as an exercise in creativity, and really, really hoping that it comes off well. Some particularly odd things about this include the placement of the opening and closing of the gates and the addition of mystery workings surrounding the mistletoe. . . A couple of folks should expect an email with a link to the liturgy soon. :)

I'm very excited to see how this comes out. Very, very excited.
Tags: 6th night, adf, mailing, rituals, three cranes grove
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