Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A long night alone

I have a very long night ahead of me. First, a Pagan Pride Day meeting that I (admittedly) view as "superfluous" and possibly "entirely unneeded", but I know when people need their security blankets, and I'm willing to do what's needed to help with that.

But I have things to do after the meeting. In particular, I have to follow up with the healing working done at the Midnight Flame Festival. I have things to carve, things to sacrifice, and a lot of invocations to say. I don't do a lot of healing work (though I've done some and consider myself reasonably successful), and while I'm not worried, I always get stressed before doing a ritual.

So, today I'm digging in and going for it. I hate to think how late I might be up.

Off to check the balance in my checking account: I have to go out and buy some things for this. Good night, all!
Tags: adf, clergy, magic, ppd, rituals

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