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Discordian Names. . . - Chronarchy — LiveJournal

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Ár nDraíocht Féin
Three Cranes
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October 22nd, 2003

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01:22 pm - Discordian Names. . .
Because I haven't given my full Discordian name (complete with honorifics and titles) here on LJ, I think it's about time that I do that.

If you happen to have a Discordian name, post it in the comments. If you don't make one up and post it there.

Here goes:


Pope Cockroach the Green, POEE, Devotee to St. Gulik, Emperor and Lord Protector of the Lands Between State Lines, Chairman of the Committee to Move Independence Day back to July 2, Keeper of Souls stolen by photographs, Chief Librarian of all libraries on the Moon, Second Assistant to the ResNet Goddess, Fifth Poet of the State of Chaos, Excommunicator of YOU, De-excommunicator of YOU, Preceptor of the Emperor's New Clothes Coven, Chief Hunter and Skinner of Fluffy Bunnies, Lounge Singer at the Hotel Nirvana, Game Warden for the Happy Hunting Grounds, and National Swashbuckler for the Nation of Djibouti.


That should make my entry involving the conversation with Eris make more sense. Or at least let you know who PCtG was.

If you need help (and believe me, you probably do if you're participating here), you can find a couple of Discordian name generators out there, like this one:


Discordians have a tradition of assuming HOLY NAMES. This is not unique with Erisianism, of course. I suppose that Pope Paul is the son of Mr. & Mrs. VI?
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Date:October 23rd, 2003 12:48 am (UTC)
Reverend Cumbucket Sycophant Itchy Freak Prometheus Mondo
Prince Bender Insane Babble Chicken Swine Boner
Temptress Narf Reefer Smoke Cerlity Mux Sagacious
Bishop Symbol Cockroach Truth Whoopla Bonhomie Father
Queen Lacuna Space Lugubrious Thuddite Itchy Box
Private Fish Jolly Weasel Leviathan Menace Lime-Green
Reverend Esoteria Bonhomie Eristic Poopyhead Snot Poot
Cadet Jaguar Unctuous Cockroach Ablegate Otter Baby
Reverend Chao Narcissist Wakdunkaga Rasta Coquette Bright
Starlet Salatious Parfait Nasti Raspberry Estovers Bibelot

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