Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

A Hittite Myth

When the Storm God and the Serpent came to blows in the city of Kishkillushsha, the Serpent defeated the Storm God, and the Storm God called out to all the gods: "Come to my aid."

The goddess Inara prepared a festival. She arranged all grandly: a vat of wine and vats of two other intoxicants. She filled the three vats to overflowing.

Now Inara went to the city of Zigaratta and she encountered a man, Hupashiya. Inara said: "Look, Hupashiya, I say such and such and such—you must hold yourself apart for me." Then Hupashiya said to Inara, "Hail! I will sleep with you. I will come to you. I will do as you desire." And he slept with her.

Inara led Hupashiya away and hid him. Inara adorned herself, and she beckoned the Serpent out of its cave. "Look, I am celebrating a festival. Come for the food and drink."

The Serpent came up with its children, and they ate and drank. They drank all the vats and became drunk. Then they could no longer go down into the cave.

Hupashiya came and bound the Serpent with a rope. The Storm God came and killed the Serpent there, and the gods were beside him.

     -(KBo III 7 and KUB XVII 5)
Tags: hittites, myth

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