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Walking the Path Again: Virtues (courage)

There is a page about lost, stolen, or destroyed Victoria Cross medals (the UK's equivalent to the Congressional Medal of Honor). One in particular caught my eye:

"The loss of Samuel Harvey's Victoria Cross in the 1920s are variously believed to be: swapped for beer in a pub; lost in a wood near Ipswich whilst returning home from a pub; or possibly Harvey sold his Victoria Cross privately. There have been no sightings of the VC since."

I guess I'd rather swap mine for a beer than have my kids loose it in a field while playing "soldiers," like Duncan Home's VC was. . .

I was re-reading Medal of Honor and VC citations last night as I was working on my Nine Virtues essays, hoping to get a better feel for the virtue of "courage." Courage, of course, is different now than it was. The inscription on the monument to Periclean citizen-warriors at Yale University sums up our modern idea of courage best, I think: "Courage disdains fame, and wins it."

And yet, the ancient world (particularly the IE world) was very strongly centered on the immortality of fame. I might almost be willing to argue that the IE example is best described as, "Courage wins fame, and revels in it."

It is an interesting issue for me to consider. I love re-doing my Dedicant Path documentation, particularly since I did my work before the change in requirements in 2003/2004.

Every time I sit down to re-work my DP, I find that I am learning more from the process. It's an excellent Path for those who take it seriously: easy enough that if you want a hoop to jump through, you can use it as that; but if you're serious about the work, and you want to gain deeply from it, the DP can be as challenging and rewarding as you want it to be.
Tags: adf, dedicant path, history, reflections, war

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