Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Overhauling the Cranes' Site

Not long ago, Three Cranes Grove, ADF, began discussing how to make our site more visible, reorganize it, and make it more informative and welcoming. Several ideas have been presented at business meetings, on the email list, and between seamus_mcnasty and I.

We're in the process, as a result, of a massive content overhaul for the site.

One of the things we started doing (partially to make the site look more "live" and partially just to keep us mindful of content) is writing a blog each week (updates on Sundays). We called this blog "Leaves of the Willow," hearkening back to that iconography that gave the Grove its name. I spent some time organizing it and started updating it just after Samonios this year.

You can read the blog itself, with five weeks of Sunday postings already up, here:

LJ users, of course, can just read it here: 3cg_blog

I'm looking around to see if other Groves have blogs, too: a page of Grove Blogs might make a good addition to the ADF site, really.

This weekend, I intend to live-link a number of things on the site, from this blog to our new picture galleries, as well as a few Grove bios and new deity bios. I also found our very first newsletter and uploaded that, too.

Oh, and we have a new password for the members' side of the site. Check with a Crane who was at last night's business meeting for access :) That will also be live-linked this weekend.

Looks like I have several pages that I need to upload the most recent version of, too :)
Tags: adf, friends, three cranes grove

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