Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Wondering Why We Ever Go Home: Greece, 2007

Journal Entry 13

Mr. No Shoulders & the Temple of Nemesis

The temple of Nemisis is not far from the sea. The site is covered in graffiti, everything from initials to drawings that look like poor scrimshaw, but the temple is beautiful despite this. It is one of the few ruins one can climb on, probably because they hope that shoes and butts can eventually smooth out graffiti.

I made an offering here to Nemisis, asking that she be there for someone, should she be needed. But my larger offering went to Themis, because I know she is needed.

The temple of Themis is unmarked, so I made my best guess about which temple was hers. I asked her to accept this offering if it was her temple, and to accept its spirit if it was not. Themis is sorely needed.

Temple of Nemesis | Temple of Themis
The two temples are next to each other

Down by the sea, I had a staring contest with Mr. No Shoulders, who I sat down next to for a short time. Mr. No Shoulders won, of course, as he always does. I don't know my Med. snakes, though, so I didn't know him from asp nor cornsnake, so Mr. No Shoulders and I just stared at each other, him enjoying the sun, and me enjoying the breeze from the see.

It was an amicable solution.

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Rhamnous' site map (Gk & Eng) | View to town from the Temples | The town from up on the hill
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