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February 8th, 2008

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05:54 pm - Church Crumbling
I have watched with interest as the UK press has sensationalized comments by Archbishop Rowan Williams recently, particularly with headlines like today's "Archbishop of Canterbury argues for Islamic law in Britain" and the "Archbishop says nativity 'a legend'" (of course, Fox News got in on the fun with that second one, so it's not just the Brits).

What interests me most, though is that something like either of those (which are obviously just completely out of context headlines) would cause some Pagans to leave an organization, if the head of that Org did that.

I imagine that the thought of leaving their church (as an organization) very, very rarely crosses the mind of a Christian, particularly someone born and raised in that faith. Christians seem, in general, far more likely to hold onto their denominational identity than Pagans do. Even in the case of a major break (such as the Anglican Communion has recently experienced, with American churches joining communion with Nigerian churches or the Worldwide Anglican Communion), rarely will they leave their denomination over something so small as a difference in belief, politics, or who gets to be ordained.

Pagans, in general, are an interesting mix of "joiners" and "leavers." We join organizations like they're sweet candy, and we leave them like they're so many wrappers. This may have something to do with the little, tiny ponds we swim in, or it might have more to do with the general protestantism of Neo-Paganism, where every person is their own priest and just as able to contact the divine as the next guy wearing a dress. Whatever it is, it interests me terribly.

If a Pagan church didn't ordain women, the Pagans would leave. If Skip (ADF's Archdruid) said the US should adopt Sharia (or was quoted as saying that), people would get huffy and probably decide ADF wasn't for them (and, of course, probably without asking him about it). I have a feeling, too, that this might also be a percentage sort of thing: 200 people leaving the Anglican Communion is a drop in the bucket compared to 200 people leaving ADF.

It may also be a question of the amount of work someone wants to put into an organization that they feel doesn't match with their path any longer: becoming "unchurched" is a lot harder than not renewing your ADF dues or ceasing to attend coven functions: you actually have to actively work at it (I still get notices from a number of churches I belonged to as a kid, here and there around the Midwest. . . ADF, PSA, and N14 are as easy to stop hearing from as unsubscribing from a mailing list; the Christian churches would take active contact to stop their missives. . . I can't even simply move without them finding me).

Anyway, it's interesting to watch conflict within a church from several angles in several different churches. It could be an interesting spectator sport: "Church Crumbling" is what I imagine it would be called.

I need some popcorn now. . .
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Date:February 9th, 2008 12:14 am (UTC)
It is interesting about the Neo-Protestant nature of Paganism. It seems that every Pagan with a vision or whatever can start a church. However, they do not get the same recognition that a Joel Olsteen does. He is not ordained, just felt the call of God.

The Anglican church split is with the churches in Virginia at the Nexus. These are the ones that George Washington and various founding fathers belonged to. The Virginia breakaway churches claim that their wealthy parishes can leave with said buildings intact. The Eposcopalian Archdiocese says no. I believe it is a fight over money and property. - Washington Post- has been covering it for the past two years. It is not a drop in the bucket since a lot of history, property, and money is at stake.

The split as I see it involves a very charismatic Pastor in Falls Church (Fairfax County) Va. I have done battle with said Pastor over lewd materials in the public libraries. He thinks that lewd materials covers most Grecco-Roman art works. Sigh.

As Rev. Schnorr of Jerry Springer Show says, "The Hell with You, I am Going to Heaven". (The Rev. is actually an ordained United Methodist minister, not just a character on that show.)
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Date:February 9th, 2008 03:20 am (UTC)
The land/property is the central issue. I think it masks the bigger issue (which may be one of "You can't take your ball and go home because we're playing with my ball!"), though, particularly the fact that American law probably doesn't have any way of preventing the split from occurring.

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