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healing_coyote, Sorry I didn't get to call over the weekend (like I said I would). Got real busy real fast. I'm still going to try to drop a line in the very near future.

We now have two gourds and two pumpkins to carve. I've never carved a gourd, so I'm quite excited about this.

I wonder what the kids will think about the pumpkin innerds.

I just cleaned up my desk at work. I now have three piles: junk to finish that's work-related, junk to take home, and problems.

I miss happy days of doing little to nothing.

I just had a guy return $5000 worth of software, and he kept one disk, making the entire set worthless. Asshole.

I have to rinse out some cans and drop them in the recycle bin, and do some shreding today, too.

I'm trying to find out who the Erisian in Grove of the Other Gods is, so we can try to figure out how to get this Erisian cult going within ADF.

Any other ADF Erisians out there I don't know about?

I'm feeling extremely contrary today. I want to argue just to argue. I want to prove I'm right just to admit I'm wrong. is giving me a really stupid error message. Something about SSH. Judi?

Today I need to write the Samhian ritual. Stupid me forgot my Book of Pagan Prayers. Gonna have to wing it and then fill in the blanks early tomorrow.

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