Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

The Dedicant Path Through the Wheel of the Year has been updated!

A new edition of The Dedicant Path Through the Wheel of the Year (often known simply as "WotY") is now available. Resources have been added, some sections have been expanded, typos have been found and fixed, and submission information has been updated.

For those looking to finish the requirements for the DP documentation, this book will walk you through all eleven requirements in a 52-week period, offering homework, resources and reading for every requirement, and explanations and breakdowns of the requirements to help you understand exactly what the exit standard is asking.

Hard copies are available for $12 on my CafePress store, and they come wire-bound so that they lay flat for easier working. Buy it here:

The book is *still* free for download from the ADF site, too! You can find it among other supplemental publications here:

[The .pdf file at the above address is also now full of live links: no more copy/paste from the document! Just "click and go!"]

Thanks to all those who have offered feedback, encouragement, and support on this book over the years, and a *huge* thank you to all the Dedicants who have taught me so much over the time I've been in ADF!

(This isn't the only book announcement you'll see from me this week. . . Watch our Grove site, 3cg_blog, ADF-Announce, and Oak Leaves for the next announcement!)
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