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The Fire on Our Hearth - A Devotional of Three Cranes Grove, ADF

The Fire on Our Hearth - A Devotional of Three Cranes Grove, ADFThree Cranes Grove, ADF, is proud to release our first book, entitled The Fire on Our Hearth - A Devotional of Three Cranes Grove, ADF.

Thirteen different people are represented in the pages of this book, only three of whom are not current Grove members. The first sixty pages are prayers for all occasions (the bulk of which are original to this book, though a couple have been published elsewhere). There are also eight chants that were created by Three Cranes members which are not on the ADF website or available through other means.

Significant events from our history are recorded, too: not only in our Grove poem, "Clutiā Trion Garanonon," but also in the evocations and rituals included: the poetic drama of last year's ComFest, the Ritual for Healing after Hurricane Katrina, the prayers to Belenos at Summerset, and our Grove Inception Statement are all included.

Prayers don't only appear in English, either: there are a few prayers in Latin and a couple in Spanish, too (translations provided)! There's also a table for translation of the Coligny Calendar month names into English.

In short, The Fire on Our Hearth does an excellent job of capturing the Voice of Three Cranes.

Rev. Kirk Thomas, ADF's Vice Archdruid, supplied us with a marvelous quote for the back of the book, saying, "This is a great book for solitaries, new Groves and Protogroves interested in investigating new rites and traditions for their personal and grove practices." He also informs me that he has submitted a review to Oak Leaves!

You can purchase The Fire on Our Hearth at the Three Cranes CafePress site, or via this direct link. We expect to bring copies to the ADF Festivals that Cranes attend, too, but don't wait: get them while they're hot!

The book is $16.99 from CafePress. Please do help support our Grove: the profit from this book all goes back to the Grove for ritual space rentals, ritual gear purchases, and all those little things that just aren't free when you're running a church. And thank you in advance for your support, as well!

This book is not available on my CafePress site, but only on the Grove's CafePress site.
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