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Oh, PSA: How I love thee. . .

So tonight I miss PSA for the first time in about 6 years. The last time I missed it was Freshman year. There was a woman invovled. I just don't remember how or which one.

Obviously not that memorable.

So, yeah.

I'm going to Canfield Hall instead (the old All Girls Dorm that I spent so much time in a few years ago). I'm giving a presentation with Silver about Paganism. The night is supposed to go as follows:

1. Arrive at 7 PM and watch "The Craft"

2. Clear up misconceptions about Paganism.

Is there something ironic about that to you guys?

Anyway, Silver and I should be having some fun with it. We have a powerpoint and a laptop and a projector all spiffy-like. One of the Co-Chairs is afraid that between the two of us, we'll give a bad impression of Paganism. Whatever. Honestly, have I ever misrepresented Pagans? Even the Lantern quote about sheep lactation was dead on. :)

Brian will also be there. I expect he'll heckle us quite well.

Last week, we expected PSA to show up to enjoy the movie with us. Then I get the email saying the mid-quarter party is still on. Oh, well. Their loss.

We're going to have such a good presentation.

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