Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Colour the Grey, baby

I belong to a group of magicians called (variously) "N14" and "ColourTheGrey". The goals of the group are many (primarily having to do with magically advancing human rights and new hope without the fear of nuclear war, imminent environmental destruction and the false promise of wealth-in-the-future-brings-happiness), and there are still about 84 members of the email list (which saw several hundred messages per month during the WTO protests of a few years ago).

Today, the ADF Office received this little gem of spam:
Tired? The world is grey? Can't see sunshine?
Take this <spam link removed>
(Girlfriends not attached!)

I've always found spam interesting, really. Here, we have something that promises to open your eyes to colour and sunlight, to enliven you. But, in the end, it's up to you to go out and do something with it (otherwise the girlfriends, I suppose, *would* be attached).

It's the Chaote's truest dream, right there in a little spammy pill offering.

The dreams of N14 are good ones, beautiful things full of colour and life. I know that most people look at Chaos Magic as if it's all just gloom and tentacles, child-like chest-pounding and bird-flipping stick-it's. N14 is what I grew up on as a Chaote, though: it was my deepest magical experience.

Perhaps it's time I write of it more fully, rather than selfishly remembering the glow.

The world needs more Chaotes willing to go the extra mile.
Tags: activism, adf, chaos magic, colour the grey

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