Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Divination anyone?


What are LJ friends for, if not there to respond to a feeling of frustration with assertions of support and friendship?

So, I asked in my last entry, "Frustration", if folks needed divination done. Looks like some folk are in need of it.

I'm not worried about quantity: I need five more, at minimum (I got one last night), but it's not so much about filling the requirement (though last night I just wanted to hit the nine and be done) as it is about getting experience doing readings for others. So, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what I can do for you.

You can use the contact form on my website* or you can email me direct if you have my email addy (I don't want to post it here) if you'd like a reading. Here are the simple things to note in the request:

1) a couple of questions, particularly questions that lead into each other. I prefer non-yes/no questions, though I can sometimes work with a yes/no. Examples might be: "What's my relationship with Tim like now?" "How does sleeping with Tammy affect this?" "What if I sleep with Brutus, instead?"

2) any background you might want to offer me (note: I won't pass this on. . . divination work is confidential, so far as I'm concerned).

3) How in-depth you're hoping to get with this. I can do a simple rune spread, with one rune for each, or I can do three runes per question, or something in between. You can also just leave it up to my discretion.

4) A note that it's okay if I include this in my CTP materials, which (as you may know) get posted on my website. All identifying information is removed, and I write these things in such a way that there's really no way to know who asked the question.

I hope to get back to folk within about a week or two (though ComFest is this coming weekend, which is hell). I'll get back around to everyone, however.

I use runes pretty exclusively, but for _crow365__, I'll only use the Necronomicon Tarot.

* - Yes, it asks for measurements. . . It's an old joke, that I'll explain later. Fill it in however you like or leave it blank, but I get the best responses to that little question. . .
Tags: adf, clergy, ctp, divination

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