Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Wondering Why We Ever Go Home: Greece, 2007

View from my hotel room
Journal Entry 16

9:30 PM
Across the street from Oiko Domh
Night in Litochoro

I really like this town. There's something about the breeze blowing down from Olympus and the cool night air, combined with the friendly people and the adventure that awaits me at dawn. Even the punk kids are friendly.

The information I've gathered from various people about the climb is not favourable, though. Each person I meet informs me that we cannot make this climb tomorrow.

The weather, they say, will be beautiful. But I should go to the sea instead of the heavens.

The views, they say, are breathtaking. But I should only go as far as we can drive, and abandon the trail.

I look skilled and fit, they say, but I should not over-estimate my abilities.

This interests me, because I know that all these people are just wishing me the best, and I know that every new adventure incurs risk. Seeking the Olympian Gods most of all.

I need my sleep tonight, but the excitement has given me wanderlust.

Essentials for the Adventurer:
map, compass, guidebook, fedora and
a key to a room at the Hotel Aphrodite
Tags: fedora, greece, hiking, pictures
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