Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Wondering Why We Ever Go Home: Greece, 2007

Dawn breaks over the sea
looking down from Olympus
Journal Entry 17

12:51 PM
Olympus, dawn to dusk

Here in the sun, gazing down Olympus to Litichoro and the sea far below, gazing down the same paths Far-Seeing Zeus gazed down from his throne. After six hours of hiking from the parking lot at Prionia, through occasional 2.5 foot deep snow drifts, I am in love with this mountain. The winds and the air and the sunlight all are simply amazing.

And here I sit, my offering to Zeus beside me, knowing that I need to offer for his favour. The weather is only part of it. There is also the fact that cortigiana nor I fell and died.

Now, it's six hours down, so it's time to offer and head back down.

| |
Throne of Zeus: First Glimpse | The far peaks of Olympus | Throne of Zeus: Closer      

| |
      Far peaks | The Throne of Zeus | Throne of Zeus

| |
  First snow encounter | How deep is it? | It's Mazi-crotch deep!

| |
      Vampire goats! | See him staring? | A bird at the shelter
We saw some wildlife, and even a Yeti! I swear!

| |
Throne from the shelterhouse | View down from the shelterhouse | View to Litichoro and the sea
This is what far-seeing Zeus sees from his throne. . .
Tags: friends, greece, hiking, hotties, olympus, pictures

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