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Lookin' for a smart woman in a real short skirt, just like always. . .

Be good and you will be lonesome,
be lonesome and you will be free. . .

Last night, I picked up Hot Water, one of Buffett's late-80's releases. I've been haunting the used music stores for this, one of Buffett's least-loved releases, for years.

Now, I can finally fulfill a promise to road_trip_judi.

This means that I'm down to only missing two CD's from Jimmy: Somewhere Over China and You Had To Be There. (Well, unless you count High Cumberland Juilee and Down to Earth, which were included in their entirity in Before the Beach, a CD destroyed in an accident we won't discuss here, even though I still have copies of the songs; as well as the infamous Songs You Know By Heart, which is the only Buffett CD I really have no desire to own . . . I already have about thirty legal copies of "Margaritaville". . . I don't need any more).

And people wonder how I manage to listen to it all day. . . With 30 years of music, there's enough variation in style and even subject (you know, there's more variation in Buffett's music than there is in all other music combined: he sings about four topics)* that I don't get bored of it, even after several years.

Even though no one likes this particular CD, I'm rather enjoying it :)

* - A friend once told me that Irish music only concerns three things: sex, death, and drinking. My reply to that was, "Does anyone sing about anything else?" Of course, Jimmy sings about "Boats, Beaches, Bars, and Ballads," which makes him higher on the evolutionary totem pole, I generally think.
Tags: amusement, buffett, music, quotes

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