Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Country Concerts at the State Fair

Last night, Maggie and I went out to see Dierks Bentley at the Ohio State Fair. I don't go to a lot of concerts (I can probably count them on one hand, if I try), but I'd missed Dierks last time he was in town (I'd just returned from Austria that day, and was exhausted).

What I like about this particular artist is that he's got some great songs, a great voice, and tells wonderful stories. In particular, the song "What Was I Thinkin'?" is a story that, when I hear it, reminds me of what it would be like to go out on a date with Eris.

Opening for Dierks was a singer named Miranda Lambert, with songs like "Kerosene" and "Gunpowder and Lead." I suspect that her songs are good, too, but you couldn't tell last night, though: I couldn't make out a word she was singing. I don't really know her songs well. . . I don't really like female country artists in general (though sometimes they'll stand out in my mind), probably because I simply cannot relate to them.

The sound improved with Dierks Bentley, though, which I was pleased about. In particular, I could hear the lyrics, which was nice. Also, the song selection was pretty damn good, including a lot of his popular and best stuff, with some covers and bluegrass mixed in. One thing that I got a real kick out of was the duet of "Folsom Prison Blues" he did with Miranda Lambert (who I could now hear).

He put on a hell of a show: energetic, good stage presence, wonderful audience interaction, and just a lot of fun.

But the real treat of the night? Girls in hats. Cowboy hats, bandannas, and ballcaps. Skirts and tight jeans.

Clearly, being a fan of country music has a couple of perks.

I think I'll stick with my alternative, though. I can't cut the scene.

Oh, and if you go to the Ohio State Fair, don't get any lemonade from Maggie's Lemonade Stand. That stuff was terrible.
Tags: amusement, dating, hotties, music, videos

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