Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Making a Special Triptych

Last night, I spent a couple of hours making something that I'd like to share with everyone: a triptych.

Now, because this is me, you know this is not going to be just any triptych. No, I created a triptych based on one of my favourite myths, a sort of little portable Pagan shrine or altarpiece.

My triptych is the story of The Original Snub.

detail with iconography noted.

Beginning at the top left, we have the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. This is a happy occasion of love (or something) which everyone is invited to, except for Eris, who is snubbed and never receives an invitation. See her snubbed in the foreground there. Cry a little. Get emotional at her snubbedness. This triptych is, after all, about her.

Now, you should avoid pissing off the goddess of discord on your wedding day. It's just bad form. The next scene, the center panel, shows what happens next: the apple of discord has rolled into the hall, with the goddesses Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera goin' all at it, pullin' hair, throwin' lightning bolts and spillin' the punch. "Catfight of the Gods". . . sounds like a B movie, huh? Well, while this is all going on, Eris is off eating a hotdog, seen high above the mess (to show that Eris is, of course, not really interested in what's going on. . . she's just put out at not being invited). Astute observers will note that this hotdog happens to have a bun. That's not a mistake. I'll have people calling me a Discoridan Heretic over this triptych with or without a bun, and both camps (bunless and bunfull) would have valid arguments. So, it's in there (much like the apple) to get people talking.

That, and adding a bun makes it look a lot less like a floating, haloed penis.

Now it just looks like a floating, haloed penis in a bun.

Besides, it's fun to talk about a "bunfull of hotdogs."

The right panel includes all the nifty things that arose from snubbing Eris at the wedding: the Trojan War, the Apple of Discord (making its appearances throughout history), the Five Fingered Hand of Eris that is a symbol of the Discoridan movement, and finally the Chaostar that is the symbol of Chaos Magicians everywhere.

It looks like this when it's closed:

It's more boring this way.

Edited to add: It's 5.25" tall, the center panel is 3.5" wide, and the side panels are each slightly over 1.75".

When collapsed, the entire thing is between 5/8" and 1" in width (the side panels don't close perfectly straight: that's to protect the interior for getting all crushed up and stuff.)

Why, yes: this little triptych will be for auction at Summerland next Saturday.

Not preregistered for Summerland? Get Pre-Registered! Today is the last day to pre-register!
Tags: adf, amusement, chaos magic, discord, discordia, eris, festivals, myth, pictures, triptych, war
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