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Who is Eris. . .

Eris is the goddess to whom all things are sacred; the lady of the cosmos who creates and destroys; the prettiest one who shows us all our flaws and yet loves us still; the most perfect, simplistic, wonderful lady ever to grace the mind's eye; the epitomy of cosmic justice; the pinnacle of the pyramid; the eye who watches over us all; the cosmic clown; the answer to all questions; the beauty who gives us what we desire; the perfection of creation; the sister of war; the bringer of strife; the holder of all desires; the roller of the golden apple; the single star in the deepest night; the wonder of wonders; the most exalted and highest lady; the perfect woman; the direction-giver; the height and depth of human conciousness; the blight of grey; the dawn; the morning star; the anointed one; the clearing of clouds; the simplicity in the syncronity; high, just as high, and third in one; the pompus puerile priss who pretends pretentious prima donna-ness; the night watchwoman of our souls; the photo-memory of who we wish to be; the demoness lilith and the archangel michael; the lady of the evening who still lays there in the morning; the one who is always with us; the night-witch; the exalted; the feared and loved, a machiavellian dream-goddess; patient; caring; awakened; sleeping beneath the waves in the south pacific, dreaming dreams; protecting; self-sacrificing; LOVING; distraught; a lady of conflicting emotions; the deity of indecision; our lady of discord; nine inches and counting; aware; peaceful; beer-swilling; the cup that runneth over; the aspergil that saves us; the left hand that damns us; the solution to all; provider; creatrix; ambigorix; the i/o circut for humankind; simplicity; anger; a userfriendly deity; wisywig; atlas' relief; keeper of youth; opener of doors; the full monty; dreamlover; the protein chain; thunderer; fnord; patroness and bitch; mother; ave maria; lysergic acid diethylamide-25; mistress of sedir; norma jean; mary jane; the instigator of the 1968 dnc riots; mal occio; a rose by any other name; sweetness itself; dominatrix; cultural infidel; the crazy lady with the golden apple; vade retro me, Satana; the only baking of zwieback bread; the sandbar just below the surface; three dimensional glasses in a two dimensional world;

As you can see, the list is incomplete.

But I like it.
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