Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Leaves of the Willow: 3CG Blog back on schedule

Well, sort of. Here's the thing.

What was broken in the previous release of WordPress is fixed now. As a result, I'm releasing a number of posts from Leaves of the Willow, our Grove Blog, over the next few days. The hope is that, by Sunday, we'll be caught up.

This may mean that if you have the Blog watched (and if you don't, I think you should. . . it's at threecranes_rss, which currently has nothing listed because it takes a while to obtain the RSS from the site) you might see a number of updates as I release them.

This is why I'm only planning to do three per day.

So, hopefully we're permanently back on track with the 3CG blog :)

erienc, sorry for losing connection with you earlier today: my cell phone died a nasty death, it seems, due to low battery.
Tags: hotties, lj, three cranes grove

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