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World records aren't written down for ADF study program material: this is for the best - Chronarchy — LiveJournal

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November 12th, 2008

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12:49 pm - World records aren't written down for ADF study program material: this is for the best
Last night, I finished the ADF Structure, Customs, and Policy course, four days before my self-imposed due-date. I decided to clock the total amount of time I spent writing it, since I'd actually heard people say that it can be done in two hours. I admit to not being overly happy at the dismissive nature of that, especially since people hadn't actually done it at that point.

It ended up taking me 3 hours and 15 minutes, all told. I hit two hours when I finished question 7. I'm pretty convinced that two hours was a bit of an exaggeration: even with the advantages I had (I wrote the course and knew the subject matter really well). (Besides, it may expand if this gets returned to me for further work, as often happens with submissions.)

I'm happy that I haven't been recording the amount of time I've spent on some other courses: the amount of time I spent on Magic 2 and Divination 2 alone is frightening.

I do need to thank Red Earth in Atlanta, GA; Silver Birch in Australia; and Ocean's Tide in Rhode Island, as well as Brandon in Japan and Jeremy in Chicago for their help on Requirement 9.

I am remaining right on schedule, however. The important thing, I suppose, is to stay on my schedule: it'll be a while before it gets graded and returned, I have a feeling.

Next up? Trance 1, due at the end of the month. I'm really struggling with the last requirement.

Well, it seems it's been since March that I've done a LiveJournal meme, so I figure it's about time for another:

36 miles per gallon

Created by The Car Connection

Very few memes catch my eye (and I rarely have time to waste on most of them), but I can appreciate this one.
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Date:November 12th, 2008 10:21 pm (UTC)
Well it wasn't so frustrating that I felt the need to contact you (as the MA) about it. I just felt like I was stuck twiddleing my thumbs. Oddly I am much calmer about the CTP vetting.

I think with the DP, I felt like I had put so much into it that I was giving away my baby (corney I know) to be judged by others. It was very discomforting for me.

Looking back now it was not so bad of a wait though.
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Date:November 13th, 2008 12:13 am (UTC)
My own wait (going back five years now) was two months. And, honestly, I believe that the Preceptor at the time didn't bother to actually review my work: he just passed it when I said, "Hey, it's been two months!" Over the past few years, I've sort of wished that he'd taken his time instead and returned it to me. It's part of the reason I've been going back to my DP work recently.

One of the things I've started thinking about recently is suggesting a return contact, possibly just a "Hey, we got your stuff!" mailing. I haven't had the time to put together that proposal, though.

Ian will commonly sit on my stuff for months. . . Magic 2 was turned in around November of last year, and it wasn't approved until 04/01/08.

Having been one of those people who has reviewed work and gotten swamped by other things (happens a lot: every so often, I can return something within hours, but that's so rare it's not even funny), though, I'm not sure how to fix the time-line without adding to the Preceptors and the Deputy Preceptors who are currently already swamped.

But I have started to think that it would help to get a "thanks for submitting, we got it" mailing. If nothing else, it's *some* response.

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