Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

If only life were just the highlight reel. . .

Here is a quick run-down of the past week or so of my life, in chart form:

Fri Jan 09Job interview (went swimmingly); DSL crashed and burned; went to mischevousblend's birthday party
Sat Jan 10Worked on DSL almost all day; helped prepare Tina for her move.
Sun Jan 11Spent a lot of time waiting for AT&T to call; helped Tina pack.
Mon Jan 12Witches' meetup; helped Tina pack
Tues Jan 13Received a cryptic call re: the job, got my hopes up; received final confirmation of Tina's flight
Wed Jan 14Surprise! Second interview without warning! Shook with terror for 1.5 hour "chat" with my last interviewer's boss; received verbal indication of forthcoming verbal offer; felt useless all night while Tina packed.
Thu Jan 15Dropped Tina off at CMH airport; came home from work to hear a message from American Airlines that one leg of her flight had been canceled (after she'd taken off); cursed for nearly an hour at the phone; DP study meeting
Fri Jan 16Verbal offer arrived on the job (I got the job I've been doing for nearly a year); spent the evening trying to clean house and organize
Sat Jan 17Moved the last of Tina's stuff out; saw Maggie for the first time in a week; moved the first half of Maggie's stuff in; Maggie now lives with me.
Sun Jan 18Cooked breakfast for Maggie; finished moving Maggie in (thanks, tesinth)
Mon Jan 19Cleaned; repaired the back fence (sorta); got my DSL fixed
Tue Jan 20Freakin' out over new job responsibilities and whether I can do them
Mon Jan 26Should be my first day on this job I've been doing for a year.

Hope that helps explain what's been goin' on since you last heard from me.

The dawn I saw two weeks ago, after
Usas gave way to Surya.
Tags: friends, hotties, house, usas, work

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