Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Dawn, Voting, and the Dublin Irish Festival

I watched the sun rise this morning through the clouds, and the blush of dawn was so powerful that the grey-clouded sky turned a burnt orange and filled the heavens with a soft glow. The world reflects the beauty of Usas, as a waters reflect the sky: there is but a shadow of the beauty of her glow, but it is all-enveloping and joyfully warm.

I also went to vote today, seeing as today we have a special election to add .5% to our income tax in the city of Columbus. There is something about dawn on days when we vote that always strikes me: it is ever the last of the dawns that went before, and the first of the dawns yet to come. . . a perfect description of the changes that take place with each passing election day. Dawn and democracy are one and the same in my mind.

Our presentation at the Dublin Irish Festival went smashingly well: I estimate that we had over 100 people attend the talk, and they packed into the tent. There are pictures up on our site that show how large the crowd was. You can see them actually overflowing the tent in one of the pictures. The Dublin Irish Festival draws about 100,000 people each year. I'm glad I didn't know that in advance.

We hope to do a ritual next year, since they already have a Catholic Mass and a Protestant service. . . It just seems natural that they'd want Druids, too. Right?
Tags: dublin irish festival, usas, vedic, voting

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