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Ár nDraíocht Féin
Three Cranes
Chaos Matrix

August 19th, 2009

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12:00 pm - Tweets from Twitter
  • 09:15 May Heaven and Earth, the Mighty Pair, bedew for us our sacrifice, and feed us full with nourishments. RV I.22: bit.ly/vfjh9 #
  • 09:17 @RhiannonDancer We'll miss you at Summerland! #
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Date:August 21st, 2009 04:04 am (UTC)
Hallooo! Just ducking in to say I miss you guys! I have been very busy with the whole moving/setting up/getting ready for school to start/work conferences/late-night karaoke thing, ergo I have not even begun to contemplate starting another course of study. I need to study Japanese, too. But, some part of me is starting to get impatient, and I am wondering if you have any ideas for what I should/start/read/contemplate first? :) Ehhh?

I bet you will be jealous to hear that I have a lovely near-empty room (My neighbor Carl has dubbed it the "arm-waving room" because there's enough space for waving your arms around) with straw tatami mat flooring and beautiful paper/wood shoji-windows that look onto a forested hill. There was a handsome, long low table in the room that I have moved below the window and made my altar using Cernunnos (aww I brought him with me :))<3 <3), a little red Chinese bowl I think was meant for offerings anyway, a dark stone sake cup, and a scrap of gold fabric I just happened to have that matches everything. Amazing. Now I need to add to it and do more than just kneel at it and smile and feel warm and fuzzy every morning. ;)

This is obviously SingingWren btw.... :P

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