Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

"Twitter is for old people."

Recently, I have been listening to NPR on my way to and from work. It makes me feel like there's no reason to flip on The News Hour With Jim Lehrer after work. Anyway, I have been enjoying the shot of news and information presented in general, and some things in particular.

One of my favourite stories recently, "Facebook, MySpace Divide Along Social Lines," discussed who uses MySpace versus Facebook. But the best part was the last line of the story, "Twitter is for old people."

I laughed for about an hour when I heard that.

And it's totally true. Twitter really is for people who think they're on the "cutting edge," but it's really a sign (like watching the News Hour or listening to NPR) that one is just getting old. There aren't many kids on it, and the median age of Twitter users is older than me. Twitter seems to be the internet equivalent of yelling, "Hey, you teenagers! Get off my lawn!" Except that it's less effective.

Social networking appears to be a good way to be behind the times, most recently. The days of FaceBook and MySpace are shortening, I imagine, and soon the kids will come up with the next big thing, which they'll abandon as soon as they realize that the old farts have found it.

So says a guy who listens to NPR, watches the News Hour, has MySpace and LinkedIn and FaceBook accounts, and has a TwitStream on Twitter. The best part is, I'm below the median age of everything but MySpace users. . . and I'm "old."
Tags: amusement, articles, facebook, lj, myspace, twitter

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