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A new job in ADF

As of November 1, 2009, I became the ADF Clergy Council Preceptor via appointment from the Archdruid. This means that it's my job to:
  1. review CTP submissions that come in;
  2. keep the process of voting and approval for Initiate Path and Clergy Training Program entrants on track;
  3. ensure reviews of Dedicant Path documentation are completed for both the IP and CTP; and
  4. ensure that all this is done in a timely manner.

I am fortunate that I do not bear responsibility for CTP 1 work (it's GSP work, mainly, which goes to the GSP Preceptor) and that I have the ability to appoint deputies for when the amount of grading gets out of hand.

Interestingly, after having been in ADF for nearly a decade, this is the first real position of responsibility I have had with the exception of Senior Druid and Dedicant Priest, both minor roles in the scheme of things in ADF. It's still not an elected position on the organizational level, but it's probably the most visible position I will hold in the foreseeable future.

I tend to aim for an expected turn-around time of 1 week for submission reviews, and now I'm in a position to actually make that sort of promise for the program I'm administering. In the past, I have been responsible only for my own turnaround times on reviews, but I now find myself as the place where the buck stops.

Another issue is that I have had the luxury to consistently pass off submissions from people close to me to other reviewers to ensure that their work is not unfairly questioned because I might be partial to their work. I have often worried about impressions that I play favourites, or that I might grade someone easier because I know them well (those who know me and have submitted to me also know that I am actually a right bastard when it comes to their work, and I'm actually a bit harder on them in general because I often know that they can do better). I can't really do that anymore, as we have such a tiny pool of reviewers to work from and such a large number of students; I will have to take many submissions I would not have taken in the past, and I will have to trust that folk trust me to not let anyone pass if they do not meet the requirements. Given my own general insecurities, I suspect it will be harder for me to believe in that trust than it will be to actually gain it.

Anyway, I am hoping to make the processes that I engage in more visible, more accessible, and more timely. We shall see how that goes, but I am hoping for something I can really work with.

Oh, and Chronarchy.Com has a front page update.
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