Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

Ritual Performance Clinics, and the CTP3 Plan

There's been interest in setting up a sort of Ritual Performance Clinic for the Grove. I've been brainstorming, and I'm currently looking at about 7 different sessions:
  1. Cosmological Issues
    • Exercise: Cosmos Clinic
  2. Ritual Space – Configuration, Management, and Use
    • Exercise: Ritual Setup
  3. Praying With a Good Fire – Choosing Focus, Writing Prayers, Making Offerings
    • Exercise: Three Prayers in Three Minutes
  4. Ritual Scaling – Considerations for Small, Medium, and Large Rites
    • Exercise: Classification and Scaling
  5. Running a Rite – From Outlines to Fire Extinguishers
    • Exercise: "Lickity-Split"
  6. Performance Concerns – Vocalization, Nerves, Memorization, and Engaged Reading
    • Exercise: Warmups and Rundowns
  7. Wrap-up – Punting, Casting, and Trust
    • Exercise: none yet
I am thinking about opening this up beyond just our Grove, since we have so many folk in the area, and doing it on a Saturday in December to give folks who can make a day-trip down (or up, as the case may be) a chance to do so.

Depending on a few things, there may be a small charge to attend, too. It would be nice if, should I decide that we need materials (and we most certainly will, if I do what I'd like to do) or need to rent space, I don't have to cover it myself. Of course, if any charge comes into it, it's got to be a well-done program, and it should be reasonable enough that anyone could afford it (I'm thinking $5-$10, if I can manage to keep it at that level).

Then, of course, I hope to have an OL article out of at least a few of these sections.

I have also come up with a set of goal completion dates for my CTP 3 work, in hopes of becoming eligible to apply for Ordination as an ADF Priest before Summerland 2010. (For those scoring at home, I'm consecrated as an ADF Dedicant Priest; ordination is the next step, and confers ADF Priesthood for life. . . assuming the Priest remains in ADF, of course.)
Tags: adf,, clergy, ctp, rituals, three cranes grove

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