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December 14th, 2009

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04:28 pm - News and a new Buffett album
First, an awesome spiral light appeared in Norway the other night, causing panic and awesomeness. (Thanks to myrch, who observed that Odinists figured the gates of Valhalla were opening.)

Second, Buffett has a new album out. This is generally good, and it means that it's time to update the Jimmy Buffett Oracle with new lyrics. There are some particularly good lines that lend themselves very well to oracles. I am also thinking about ways to make the Oracle better: it's so simple that it's not complicated to make a better product. Still, I'm thinking about a variety of different little things that could make the Oracle that much better. Suggestions are always welcome, of course.

As to the album itself? It's not stellar, but it's not bad. I suspect I'll wear the disk out, but I won't recommend it to a casual fan (then again, I'd really only recommend a couple of disks to a "casual" fan).

I've also been enjoying the HBO series Rome, which I once watched a couple of episodes of with romandruid. It's a good series, and the production values are startling. I caught it on an Amazon sale about two weeks ago for 60% off and couldn't resist. I'm glad I picked it up, but I do wish I could hang out with romandruid again to watch it: it was nice sitting with someone who got the history like I do (though with a slightly different focus, making the experience that much more rich: I know a lot about the military side, she knows a lot about the religious side, and so watching it was an excellent exercise in learning and enjoying history).

Today, though, has been a rather fine day. After last night's ritual, I found myself relaxed and grinning like a fool as I drove home, windows down and the new Buffett album playing loudly. Today, I've been driving software releases out the door like mad, catching up on products and setting up meetings for others. It's been extremely productive, even if I haven't gotten everything I wanted to finished.

But then, when do I?
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Date:December 15th, 2009 02:24 am (UTC)
I miss watching stuff like this with folks like you, too. *sigh* Have you seen the curse tablets yet? Pure awesomeness.

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