Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

CTP 3 Progress

For those who didn't see, I've got a new plan for completion of CTP 3. I wanted to give a bit of an update on that plan.

At the moment, I'm done with Leadership Development 2, and I've got Ethics 2 in for review. I'm one question away from completing Crisis Response (I'm just missing my First Link directory, which must be around here somewhere!), so I should be ready to submit that when Ethics 2 is approved. Theatre for Ritual 1 is the next big course to complete, and I think it'll be an enjoyable one: I get to make a movie (sorta)! (Kirk kind of set the bar high on that, so I need to rock it out.) I'm most of the way done with Liturgy Writing 2 and Special Occasion Rituals, and am involved in the Liturgy Practicum 2 journal process.

You know, when I write all that up, it doesn't seem like I'm so far from done. I might actually manage it before Summerland, as originally planned. Maybe folks who want to see an ADF Ordination should think about travel plans, though that may be optimistic. :)

I have found it rather appropriate (and helpful) to set goals for myself to work through the courses. Doing that immediately upon finishing a circle has been good for me, and when I miss a deadline (I blew by my CTP 2 deadlines last year, missing them by a mile), re-setting that deadline is helpful.

The process of submit/review/return/resubmit/review/approve is sometimes tedious, but generally it is working out fine. We've been working with a new system for reviewing work in CTP2 and the IP, and I've set a personal goal of a 1-week turn-around with clear communication of those expectations for courses that I work on. I hope that, at some point, all CTP work (regardless of reviewer) will have that expectation.

Fortunately, I only have a couple of students in CTP 2, and those working through the IP aren't submitting much at the moment, so this goal is pretty easy now.

I sometimes wonder what I'll do when I finish CTP 3: we have a few CTP courses that are currently optional, and I will need to do some continuing education, but I'm not a huge fan of the "merit badge collection," despite the number of SP's I've finished in my time in ADF; I don't climb mountains "because they're there" (though I suppose I do occasionally climb them to pee on them). I wonder, sometimes, if I'll just make time for other ADF projects (like checking and answering personal e-mail, something I suck at recently), or if I'll hit the end and find myself wondering what more there is. I think I love to learn a bit too much.

I suspect that I'll spend time doing what I have always done: building bridges for the next person who comes this way.
Tags: adf, clergy, ctp, ip, reflections

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