Chronarchy (chronarchy) wrote,

ADF elections fun. . .

I just did some of the numbers on the nomination process for Archdruid for the Clergy Council's nomination. It's been awesome to see us talk about the process and who we'd like to see, and I've enjoyed seeing all the names that have come up in all the places I've seen them, too.

The thing is, three bodies can nominate an AD: the Mother Grove (our Board of Directors), the Clergy Council, and the Council of Senior Druids (elected SD's from Groves). What's gotten complicated is trying to figure out who has voted on which nomination so that duplicates don't happen. I think that my recent count is pretty accurate, with 11 clergy not on one of the other two bodies, or not voting on them both (like myself).

To make things more complicated, clergy who are among the nominating group who voted on the CoSD to nominate a candidate are allowed to vote for a CC candidate, and vice versa. The clergy, however, seem to be sticking to a notion that it's not proper to vote in both nominations, which is pleasant to see, even if it's not required, so no duplicate nomination voting is taking place.

Add to this that I can't see the Mother Grove's voting record until it gets posted, and it's been a wonderful maze of guessing. I suppose I could ask, but what's the fun in that?

Elections in ADF can be alternately stressful and wonderful, I tend to think. I enjoy watching them go by with very little participation from myself other than casting my votes. I've gotten pretty deft at avoiding elections over the past 10 years I've been in ADF (as have a few other people, I'm noticing), though I admit that my nomination as "Site of the Annual Membership Meeting" a few years ago was pretty tempting.

I am very pleased to see that James "Seamus" Dillard (seamus_mcnasty) has accepted his nomination for Vice Archdruid. After watching what he has managed to do with one tiny local Grove (not so tiny anymore, are we, Three Cranes?), I know that, if he wins, he will have an even greater positive impact on ADF as a whole. His work as Senior Druid of this Grove led us to surpassing even my most ambitious dreams of what a Grove could be like. I cannot wait to see what ADF could be like with him as VAD.
Tags: adf, amusement, clergy, friends, three cranes grove, voting

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